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    Based in Huizhou, Liandajin Electronic Co., Ltd was founded in 2005. It is a large professional and medium-sized manufacturer in designing and manufacturing high-precision double-sided, multilayer (2-20 layers), aluminum-based , heavy copper, high frequency, blind & buried PCBs.

    In 2008, Liandajin invested USD120 million to build a new industrial park in Daya Bay (National Economic Development Zone). The park covers an area of 20,000m2, and the production workshop is more than 15,000 m2. Our employees will over 1,000 and the output will reached 30,000 m2 per month.
    Liandajin long-term serve the following high-tech fileds: consumer electronics, telecommunication equipment, auto electronics, power supply equipment, industrial control, medical equipment, security and military etc.
    After establishment for more than a decade, Liandajin always uphold the principle of “customer-centered and quality-oriented” to provide high-quality products and good services to customers. With strict accordance with International Quality System Standards to regulate the management, the company had established good cooperation relations with well-known enterprises and branded companies and won a widely recognized by them. The products have been sold all over the world including Europea, America, Asia countries like Japan, Malaysia and Korea. 
    Shenzhen Lingxin Electronic Co.,Ltd, a high-tech company specializes in power management system designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling, is a subsidiary of Liandajin Electronic Co., Ltd.
    In 2015, the company transferred from a single PCB manufacturer to a one-stop solutioner for PCB Assembly and electronic products by resource integration and huge investment of SMT and X-Ray electronic examing equipment.

Main business scope:Multi-layer high-precised PCB and heavy copper, aluminum-based, ceramic-based,high-frequency board




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