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Our company hold a grand employees tug-of-war competition
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  For Guangdong,it comes into summer in May,heat wave is attacked, and gives the satisfied of a kind of lazyness to people.When  everybody is immersed in this impetuous weather,the  annual employees tug-of-war competition was opening quietly .

  The vacation on 1st May had shortly past,in order to encourage employees' working passion and enthusiasm,the competition is held in afternoon on May 3rd as scheduled.The Contest is planned by management department, and the administration manager presides over opening.

  The head operation Mr.Jiang gave a lecture of opening speech, the employees lost control of exciting and prepared to try their skill to the competition.

  The competition was going to open,each group leader all held their team board to 
celebrate the tug-of-war competition opening.Look,all their team name were fantastic of tremendous momentum,every one all be the strong competitor who contends a title.
  Stage property were all in tug-of-war contest placeplace, and contest was triggered at any moment.

 The match began,each team had just entered into fierce contention at once,enerybody tried their best invariably to the match.


  Fierce competition makes the people burning with righteous indignation.

 Individual  honor or disgrace was not important at that very moment.

 Extremely hot weather also can't stop their enthusiasm, wholeheartedly only fights for team's honor.\

 Keen competition.\

 Look down the competition field, everyone with deep feeling and enthusiasm, locomotive, hubbub, a wave was higher than a wave then.

  Through fierce competition,the top three was respectively great river team, dragon team,tiger team and leap team.The head operation Mr.Jiang gave the top three team prizes,the winners was all smiles, and their effort had brought repayment finally.
  Along with night coming,contest also was over.Their effort had brought repayment for the employees;What win for company was employees and executive team of not fearing difficulty, hard struggle that a group was gone all out to make the country strong, and believed that own them, the tomorrow of company will be getting better and better.


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