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Shenzhen PCB trend of industry development,prediction trend helps development
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  As the substrate of modern electronic equipment component assembling, the major function of PCB circuit board is to connect the electronics spare parts to form predetermining   circuit, is the intermediary and the bridge of undisputed electronic product.Therefore, the   PCB circuit board is called as "the mother of electronic system product "and its developent level can reflect the development speed and the technical level of a country electronic industry to a certain extent.

  According to the G3 roundup:as the big country of global electronic product consumption,demand market of China always keeps growing trend.From statistics, PCB in China has occupied global more than 40% the market share that surpasses at present, and industry size ranks the first in the world, and average annual 6.0% industrial growth rate, people   have an optimistic view of of prospect that lets outer this new industry of bound pair,In fact, the PCB in world industry does not have the powerful dominance that is complementary with numeral in the international market;On the contrary, not enough at part high side circuitry plate industry kinetic energy, innovation is not enough, the problem such as not in place that requires of the precision of product and complexity is all needed to be resolved   hurrily, this process need PCB lasting effort of each aspect and paying in the industry.

 Green factory theory,
more and more electronics manufacturing and green purchase upsurges forum's topics.


 The manufacture process of PCB circuit board relates to tens procedures,comprising one electroplating procedure, therefore unavoidably can cause certain environmental pollution.Under the background of current industrial environment greenization, environmental protection has become the inevitable trend of enterprise development.For PCB manufacturers, reduce the pollute  greatly as could as  possible ,adopts green energy conservation technology, new material technology and wisdom to produce,that  is perhaps following PCB topmost breakthrough of industry and developing direction.


Prediction industry distant view, PCB trend of industry development theme show area layout future.

 As everyone knows, " made in China " and " India's manufacturing " just launched the competition of a new round instantly, and global well-known foundry merchant Foxcom and   India take by the hand, and letting it become body next " world's factory " also will become possibility.When the public saw through this incident worry made in China production capacity surplus phenomenon aggravation, human cost rising, what the insider saw but was other positive one side.The global electronic product to miniaturization, high performance,    multifunction and signal carry high frequency (speed) change develop rapidly in; Whether we should give up some low sides, that repeat, broad-brush foundry enterprise; Catch this rare opportunity; Instruct and promote China PCB industry apace from traditional foundry  to densification, the meticulous product transformation that turns to characteristics, believe that this is only the due development of PCB in China industry.

 From making to innovation,the presentations of new product new technology activate industrial driving source.

 The development of prediction trend power-assisted, the power-assisted industry rapid development of Shenzhen PCB industry development forum.

  As everyone knows, the PCB technology is mainly used in portable terminal products    such as smart mobile phone, panel computer, and the market capacity of these portable  terminal products,which is just determining the total demand of PCB to a certain extentt.   Whole world intention to consume descends。The mobile terminal device shipment is glided, and the China's Mobile Phone Market trend is saturated, all in very large range affects the development of domestic PCB industry.

  Promote PCB industry and move towards more densification, the meticulous production development that turns to characteristics, open up brand-new market, " Shenzhen PCB industry development forum " perhaps during this time can point the direction for exhibit-trader and spectators.This industry development forum is a target with " prediction trend, power-assisted development "; Extensively invite well-known corporation,senior advanced PCB industry specialists; Just valuable new knowledge shared in themes such as " mobile communication device, high frequency/new high-tech material, Internet of Things/car networking,industrial 4.0 robot automations", promotes that PCB already exchanges development.From the manufactured materials to the technical equipment, from the assembly to the system,from the service of being applied to, will cover whole PCB industrial chain when the time comes about the new technology of PCB, new topic, new discussion.


  The famous expert assembles and discusses the PCB topic warmly, professional book is sold supporting development of the activity.


 The development of industry and the progressive eternal technological driving that broken away from not as the opera involving much singing and action of annual Shenzhen PCB industry development forum, from senior technical adviser Mr. Bai Rongsheng of TPCA;The PCB manufacturing technology of bringing the forefront is shared; Through analyzing industrial situation, development trend, promote business administration, the development trend of PCB industry future is provided;Help enterprise to understand global state-of-the-art PCB technology new knowledge, boosting PCB industry makes the transition to the high-end technology direction.



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