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PCB industry in Mainland of China development present situation and trend analys
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  China's Mainland present stage has become the main global electronics spare part market,they also many layout China's Mainlands of downstream terminal foundry manufacturing.Yet China's Mainland coastal area management environment and condition has harsh day recently;Investment from the mainland electronics spare part factory rouses thenselves to catch up in technology and market strength, causing competitive pressure to a certain degree concerning global printed circuit board (PCB) industry.

 The Mainland in China has become the first production base of global electronic product.

 Under the manufacture base clustering of downstream electronic end product, the Mainland in China undoubtedly is continuously first  global Production Regional,city  accounts for rate and reaches 44.4% in 2013 , estimates will grow to 45.6% in 2017;And Korea S in 2013 drives PCB industry growth effect with brand, accounts for reaching 14.8%, formally surmounts 13.6% of Taiwan zone, becomes the whole world big Production Regional that is  the second.The production proportion of Tianwan businessmen two sides, because of the western production capacity in China's Mainland is left, the production proportion in compression Taiwan zone, but the Taiwan zone output value will be kept the growth year by year of about 2% amplitude.

  According to investigation, PCB manufacturer number in world is 2,500 families approximately at present, and list just surpasses 1,200 family with regard to CONTINENTAL AREA OF CHINA PCB manufacturer quantity, accounts for half proportion of the whole world.As  for the PCB product,CONTINENTAL AREA OF CHINA is with single two-sides, the multi-layer sheet product of the middle low order of production market demand maximum; Accounted for China's Mainland Whole PCB in 2013 and produce proportion, mainly lock application and comprise: PC, NB, communication, consumer electronics etc. up to more than sixty percent.HDI, soft board rank are second, third big production product, are mainly used in  running gears such as mobile phone.And still lag far behind areas such as Japan,Taiwan, Korea in IC support plate part.

 From above-mentioned data, present stage in Mainland of China towing to be global electronic product major production base, World PCB is produced and has been carried out towards the China's Mainland all that value chain moves and layout.However relatively concentrate on middle low order,comprise personal computer, NB, consumer electronics etc. in the  downstream application product section;Also therefore corresponding PCB product proportion is also concentrated towards middle low end;Comprise traditional multilayer hardboard compared to other advanced country, still proportion is higher, and surpasses more than fifty percent.

 The PCB industrial environment hides opportunities and challenges.

 Following China's Mainland exploitation step and policy promotes,the PCB industry follow same step to carry out layout, comprises that Pearl River Delta development zone in 1994Yangtze River Delta development zone in 2000,ring Bohai Sea development zone in 2005 and central authorities in 2010 begin to promote the western triangle development zone that western provinces develop;And platform leads to since1994 time and sets up PCB factory in Huizhou, and PCB manufacturer in Taiwan also carries out layout with following the great development policy in the China's Mainland, mainly concentrates on south China, East China at present, and also has the Tianwan businessman to begin to move into western cities such as Chongqing, Chengdu since 2010 years.  

 From the industry development angle,the China's Mainland west area is  is main with mobile computer at present because of electronics manufacturing clustering.The PCB board supply chain layout is successively accomplished, but relieves the operated pressure of coastal area from cost and manpower angle for wanting appropriateness, and considers the support of equipment and material; Central China has become the important redundant base of coastal manufacturer, for example: Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi etc.

 Yet China's Mainland native country PCB dealer is considering market development potentiality, industrial chain, customer type etc., with the clustering ecodevelopment pattern of challenge China's Mainland PCB industry development in the past.

 Be subject to the factors such as environmental emission, production scale, market, be difficult in the landlocked phenomenon of south China, East China high industrial clustering in the past that appears again future.Coastal on the other hand working condition impaired condition does not have clear improvement yet; But the landlocked height market risk that exists of layout.Under these factor balances were considered,China's Mainland native country PCB dealer expands production, and mostly selection was from former address/general headquarters not far (2 hours range of driving Nei Keda) in planning,and it is first-selected wherein to become numerous continent native country PCB dealer layout with Jiangxi and Anhui two places again.Conveniently producing redundant,yet this phenomenon will cause the upper reaches and the challenge of supporting industry in customer service.

 Simultaneously, PCB whole industry in China's Mainland is existing some problems as below:

  •Cost continues to rise,management environment is uncertain increases.

   Be  influenced tremendously from the international economic environment.

   World PCB is led the massive forces of big factory layout.

 Landlocked or coastal --- computer production base layout changes.

  The computer production base of leading by Chongqing is moved from 2008;It is an important trend for the electronics spare part,comprise that the numerous and confused layout of the big factories of international top-brand such as HP, Dell is western; Therefore drive also that foundries comprises that letter sea, benevolence are precious, latitude wound etc. moves to western part from the coastal area, also leads Taiwan PCB factory to carry out layout in western part indirectly,comprising: vast IPACS moral, strong ancient,cooking vessel, Zhichao, Huatong etc.

 Most of land merchant all continues to drop into coastal layout, comprises Founder, ultrasonic, the YuanSheng in Shantou, Quan Bao etc., but rich quick electronics then is that selected Jiangsu Da Feng expands production, dark southern circuit selects Nantong and Wuxi to set up factories equally.The land merchant considers mainly a little to comprise whether the market demand can really support the scale of setting up factories, the landlocked floating of professionals and management and have its problem, integrated operation environment to comprise that discharge of waste water license etc.all also has living space equally.

  Though there is one section gap hinterland wage and coastal area at present, still to be strengthened in the people ware part, also therefore produce managerial difficulty, human cost can't relatively be saved.Another land merchant is the emphasis of past landlocked    layout not; Be customer relationship:the client of investment from the mainland factory mainly concentrates on the middle-size and small-size Electronics Factory in investment from the mainland native country; And these Electronics Factories are located at south China  and East China mostly, do not demand in moving, therefore investment from the mainland PCB factory does not have too big inducement toward landlocked mobile yet.And,adopt the merger mode to reach mostly if take seriously when to be ready moving, for example the factory building of Zhuhai Founder in Chongqing promptly is to see through the merger mode to carry out layout.

  China's intelligence communication market development is extensive   in future.

  According to estimating that whole world intelligent mobile phone market in 2014 will be  above1,000,000,000,wherein the China's Mainland is above 400,000,000,account for the whole world about 40%.From this we can know,China's Mainland has become global electronic spare part manufacturer place contested by all strategists in intelligent mobile phone market; The maximum growth kinetic energy in following global intelligent mobile phone market will come from the China's Mainland, and wherein except international top-brand comprises Apple,Samsung,following China's Mainland native country intelligent mobilephone brand assault troop will be played the part of by middle excitement, Huawei, association etc.

 Because all there is deep and permanent cooperative relationship in China's Mainland native country brand manufacturers such as middle excitement, Huawei, association with investment from the mainland PCB factory in the past,the opportunity that also therefore emerges in this ripple intelligent mobile phone market.Investment from the mainland PCB factory surely not lets slip,or even seeks further cooperation possibility through official relations.

 The positive layout PCB one-stop service of numerous manufacturers

 Though the China's Mainland has become maximum electron spare part production base in global, yet in technology and product layout part, China's Mainland native country investment from the mainland factory and the main big factory of leader in the whole world still  have a segment distance.However,it need not participate in global electronic spare part industry high competition owing to,also therefore obtain comparatively niche type market for a long time in middle-size and small-size, native country brand market ploughing and weeding.See through SWOT structure face, analyze with total whole to China's Mainland native country investment from the mainland electronics spare part industry.
 Because of variation, the life cycle of consumption electronic product are shorter and shorter, cause the product amount of marching toward few, high customized,so PCB factory in continent all actively drop into this field, carry out the competition of niche type.The one-stop service advantagea as following:can carry out small batch PCB and make optimize,reduce human cost that the client drops into PCB design, be fit to center batch model and produce fast.Yet its restriction is also arranged, comprise that small batch produces in existing company, so lacking under the production capacity support in enormous quantities, produce,cause the cost that produces the line conversion than changing by other company. Client's number of one-stop service processing is many, attribute is various and assorted, causes the difficulty of PCB manufacturer in management,also is that a small amount of   diversity of locking is used and use.Comprise dark southern circuit, prevail gloomy quick, outstanding match science and technology, Zhuhai is upright,Yuan Sheng electronics in Zhuhai etc., all actively one-stop allegro services of layout.
  Integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chain and make innovative PCB procurement platform.

  On 25th to 27th,August in 2015 ,in Shenzhen conference and exhibition center,Shenzhen international circuit plate buying exhibition (CSShow2015) with "innovation·drive" be the theme,making one of exhibition" NEPCONSouthChina " with the maximum electronics in South China holds together in the same period.Making circuit board manufacturer and the most valuable co-operation platform of electronics and information industry chain, simultaneously also will be innovative, environment-friendly type, intelligentized circuit board apparatus and former material manufacturer best illustrated platform.

 All round survey of in the industry, lack a platform always the industrial chain upstream and downstream is carried out high effective integration, caused the PCB industry in resource, technical repetition and waste though the PCB industry production capacity of China is surprising.CSShow2015 bases themselves upon the most flourishing place of this global electronic manufacturing industry of south China, is devoted to create most valuable trade platform for high-quality circuit board suppliers and electronics manufacturing industrial chain.Exhibition provides one-stop PCB/FPC procurement service,to effectively promote global buyer to exchange with PCB supplier is aspectant; Promote the PCB in China industry and thoroughly make the transition to market, thereby improve the PCB industry, make healthy and upgoing market trend from the trade ability from factory.



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